We identify market needs, innovate new ways of doing business while thinking values, promoting creativity and generating new ideas.

SME development

Growing Africa Economy ( SMEs & entrepreneurship development ). We believe fostering entrepreneurship as a tool for economic growth is an enabling mechanism for promoting business development across Africa. Sustainable development of the continent can only be achieved through further economic growth.

Thus we promote and facilitate various forms of entrepreneurship across all sectors of society; and by ensuring human capital is properly valued.

We foster,enhance knowledge development and training that promote entrepreneurial activities, to create and develop entrepreneurship within social ventures, organisations and public services.

African entrepreneurs believe that they have the requisite passion, energy, and determination needed to start and manage new businesses.

However, they are constrained by scarcity of adequate start-up capital, stiff competition, lack of employees with the right skills, and difficulty in finding adequate facilities to start their business.

Promotion of entrepreneurship and the development of micro-enterprises will help fend off poverty in Africa and open up job creation opportunities.

We support, inform and make recommendations of tools and mechanisms that are working in other parts of the world, which can drive SMEs growth, creative conducive business environment and support the policies of governments to promote the entrepreneurial spirit.